I am Ioana Negulescu and I am a self-educated gastronome, ex-graphic designer, and hold an MSc in Business Strategy. My passion for the gourmet world led me to start Berries and Spice, which is a platform where I write for likeminded foodies, as well as for the restaurant industry. You will come across articles that range from fine dining style recipes, to interviews with chefs, food science and history facts, trend reports and business insights. 

Quality is of utmost importance for me, which is why I base all my articles (aside from the few opinion pieces) on thorough research and interviews.

“Ioana is one of the nicest hedonists I have met in a long time. Her big heart is truly beating for good wine and food.”

– Christian Tschida

Would you like to work with me? Here is how Berries and Spice can help your business

  • Guest posting (I am always looking for opportunities and welcome your suggestion as well. Let’s help each other strengthen our brands by writing valuable and targeted content on each other’s blog!)
  • Content creation and social media marketing (through Berries and Spice or your own blog)
  • Branding and brand positioning (from idea to printed materials, whether your business is new or you are reinventing your brand)
  • Customer experience consultancy (through designing a memorable customer journey)
  • Recipe creation (for a whole menu, specific dishes, and all based on the concept of your business)
  • Photography (for your restaurant, café, new menu or product)

Send me an email, tell me about your business, and let’s set up a call to discuss opportunities.

“We worked with Ioana when we opened our new restaurant. She understood what we needed and helped us with the menu creation, visual identity and marketing strategy. Ioana is a very knowledgeable person in this industry.”

Ileana & Anca Mitu, Jicky Cuisine

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Looking forward to hearing from you,

Ioana Negulescu