Dear reader,

Hi, I am Ioana Negulescu, and I am one of those with a refined palate. I love real, homemade food, and like to spoil myself with fine dining experiences every now and then. I measure cooking not through time, but through flavour, then share my favourite recipes on Berries and Spice. And because I am utterly passionate about the world of gastronomy, I also write reviews of the great restaurants I eat at and interview the chefs that inspire me the most. Welcome to my gourmet world! 

The beginnings

I grew up in a family where good food often populated the table, yet I rarely got to experience the making of it. I cooked my first dish โ€“ a Moroccan dessert, without a recipe, when I was 13. By 17 my family and friends knew my for my flamboyant, overpriced pizzas. I then went on to university, I learned that good food doesnโ€™t only come from the most expensive ingredients. As a matter of fact, for two and a half brief years I forgot what good food was and treated myself with Tesco value Cava and frozen pepperoni pizza more often than anyone should.

How I started Berries and Spice

I learned basic principles of cooking thanks to my boyfriend, a good couple of years after leaving university. He introduced me to a delicious Goan fish curry, and to the first red pasta sauce I liked: a great, slow cooked Bolognese.

A year later, in October 2015 I started Berries and Spice, after I discovered my passion for cooking. It took me less than a day to buy this domain, set up the blog and start shooting my first recipe. To learn and experiment, in 2016 I set as a challenge to never cook the same thing twice (with some small exceptions). I became fascinated by fine dining, watched mainly gourmet movies and documentaries and started reading books by some of the greatest food writers and critics out there: M. K. Fischer, Jay Rainer, Ruth Reichl and more.

Through this blog I wish to grow as a home-chef, continue refining my palate and share stories that will, hopefully, make you as excited to read them as I am when I write them!

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